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Core Services

The team at Healbiz Consulting assist the hospital management team in developing quality healthcare management standards and implement them to run the operations successfully

Operations Management of the Hospital

Our strategically driven service approach combines our knowledge, technical know- how and business resources, which in turn help you to optimize your assets, patient workflow and workforce utilization.


Healbiz steps in to relieve you of this stress so that you can focus on managing your patients and providing invaluable service to the society.

Travel, Transport & Logistics

Managing overcrowding in tourism destinations to help clients.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Challenges in healthcare lead to need for new products and solutions

Advanced Electronics

Electricity demand more could be the potential for increased revenue sales
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A Unit of Healbiz Healthcare Management Solutions Private Limited

The success of a healthcare facility depends upon the foundation of it to a large extent in terms of strength of facility and the team managing it. Currently lot of emphasis has been given on the aesthetics, size and location of the healthcare facility, however the management foundation generally has been overlooked which gets laid down in hurry or without careful thought process which attributes to chaos and bottlenecks in day-to-day management of the hospital once the operations begin.

Healbiz Consulting team handholds in establishing various hospital departments where we provide guidance in formulating and implementing policies and protocols to ensure that the skill sets for clinical and managerial staff are developed and maintained to achieve complete and safe patient care. Hospital Marketing is now reasonably well established as a legitimate healthcare function. We contribute in planning of sales and marketing, market research, and marketing communications to help you achieve planned strategic objectives.

Our Vision

To become a healthcare organization capable of enabling healthcare facilities to provide patient centric, cost effective and safe care while fostering organizational culture of quality and safety.

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Our Mission

To reach out to healthcare providers so us to enable them to focus on quality and safety in all their caring endeavours.

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We can help you by providing a team of management and healthcare professionals to run the hospital.


Establishing and implementing various processes required for operations, Workflow Management, etc


Establishing and implementing various processes required for operations, Workflow Management, etc.

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HR Planning and Management

Structuring of Organizational Chart, Manpower Budgeting/ HR Department Budgeting, etc

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Operations Management

We undertake advisory, consulting, design, planning, and management of turnkey projects for hospitals.

Specialised Healthcare Consulting

Healbiz offers Finance Managemnt & productivity consulting in line with international best practice

Hospital Project PLanning

Healbiz understand the clint vision and prepare detailed planning for the hospital projects.

Hospital Management Training

Healbiz offers highly regarded, specialized training courses for the full spectrum of hospital management.

Hospital Commissioning

We ensures that the entire hospital systems operate effectively and in accordance with the project requirements

Hospital Turnkey Solutions

Healbiz provides a complete turnkey hospital development service


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